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Servicing Notes

The following servicing instructions must be carefully followed particularly when removing units from the vehicle and fitting replacements.


Metering Distributor / Control Unit

1. If the exterior of the unit is dirty, clean it before unscrewing any pipe connections

2. As pipe connections are unscrewed immediately fit blanking caps or plugs both to the pipe and the unit inlet to prevent entry of dirt. Similarly, ensure that
    blanking caps and plugs are left in position until immediately before the pipe connections are to be re-made.

3. When refitting a metering distributor / control unit to an engine, ensure that the flange faces of the distributor and the engine timing case are clean and
    undamaged. Take care to fit the heat insulating plate with a gasket on either side. The timing mark on the end of the metering distributor drive shaft must
    coincide with the timing mark on the engine drive. It will be found best to rotate both the metering distributor shaft and the engine until these timing marks
    are at 6 o'clock, for correct alignment.

4. Ensure that all solid pipes are correctly formed to shape and lie correctly in the plane of the clamps before these are tightened. The clamps are provided
    to support the pipes, not to distort them into position; undue strain on the pipes may result in breakage.

5. Check that all pipe unions are undamaged before connecting them to the unit and tighten the unions to the following torque figures:-
    7/16 in.  UNF unions - 16 lb. ft.,
    3/8 in. UNF unions -10 lb .ft. 
    Excessive  tightening will damage the pipe entrances..

6. After fitting a replacement unit, remove the protective tape from air filter and extra orifices. 

7. Before initially running a new or replacement unit fill the oil pump cam box on the metering distributor with clean engine oil. Access to the cam box is obtained
    by removing the screwed plug .(Using 1/2" A/F box spanner) at the rear of the oil pump. .

8. Ensure that when the cold starting control on the dash is fully home the overfuel lever on the control unit is hard against its stop.

9. If any O-rings are removed during examination of the banjo connections, new rings must be fitted. It is essential to use only the correct recommended
    Lucas spares as these are of a special approved grade of material.

10. Each banjo connection must be refitted in the location from which it was removed. This is important since on some installations banjos of unequal lengths are used.


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