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Maserati Manual MK1
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Mistral + 3500 GT Owner's Manual


Primary Pump

11. All electrical connections in the pump circuit must  be kept clean and tight, particularly the snap connectors at the pump. Never disconnect these
       snap connectors without first ensuring that the ignition switch is OFF.

12. The BLACK cable the pump is the POSITIVE connection, irrespective of whether the electrical system is of positive or negative earth polarity .

13. If the pump is mounted below the level of the fuel, the fuel tank must be drained before any pipes are disconnected from the pump. This applies
      also if the pump filter bowl is to be removed.

14. Unless there is adequate space for working and inspection, the pump should be removed from the vehicle when renewal of the filter element becomes

      Maintain the unit with the motor uppermost until the filter bowl has been completely drained of fuel. This will prevent sediment  from the filter bowl
      entering the pump inlet.

      When replacing the filter ensure that the upper end of the element, complete with its "O" ring, is centralized in the pump inlet chamfer before inserting
      the conical rubber seal and refitting the filter bowl.

     When a filter element is removed, and the same element is refitted, a new top "0"- ring must be fitted as the original will have swollen due to prolonged
      immersion in petrol.

      Ensure that the rubber sealing washer on the rim of the filter bowl is undamaged.

     N.B. Use a Lucas "O" ring part number 54731428.

Injector Nozzles

l5. Take precautions against entry of dirt by fitting blanking caps to injector and pipe when an injector is removed from the engine.

16. New nozzles are protected by dust caps on both ends. Ensure that these caps remain in position until immediately before use.

17. The precautions given in 4 and 5 regarding the forming of pipes and tightness of unions must be followed.

18. See that the "O" ring on the heat insulating block is in good condition.

19. Tighten the screws or nuts firmly  to  secure the heat insulating block to the manifold, but do not apply excessive force, or the molding may
      split. Note that the seal is formed by the "O" - ring of the heat insulating block.

20. When fitting nozzles into the heat insulating blocks, take care not to over tighten as the heat insulating blocks are made of bakelite and excessive force
      could strip the thread

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